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A heart for India

I was blessed with an opportunity to travel to India in January 2016 for 2 weeks to serve in ministry. Though I had participated in mission work previously, this was a very special and unique experience for me! It was refreshing to get out of the office, out of the routine of life in America, and connect with God’s children in a distant land.

While I was in Hyderabad and Rajahmundry I had the opportunity to fellowship with numerous churches. The people were hospitable, kind, and hungry to hear God’s word. I was asked on several occasions to minister to the people. What a privilege it was to build up the Church by declaring the truth of Jesus into their lives, and they received it with such eagerness! It was also a blessing to pray for masses of people, to connect our faiths together even if we could not understand one another, and ask God to touch and change their lives. My life was changed at the same time.

I also was able to visit the Peace Home orphanage in Hyderabad. This special place was a true example of God’s love and faithfulness to care for the fatherless. It was in a beautiful and serene setting, where the children are provided opportunity to grow into spiritually, intellectually, and physically healthy young adults. It was neat to observe the younger children diligent about their studies in a classroom built at the home. The children are also taught about developing a good work ethic and servant’s heart by being assigned daily chores to help keep their home in a well-maintained state. They also grow many of their own vegetables in a garden on site! It may be a more simple life than what many of us live in the states but it was evident to me that the children are happy, loved, and cared for, which touched my heart and the heart of God!

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